DIY Baby Hand Print Keepsake Kit - With No Mess Infant Safe Ink Pad

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DIY Baby Hand Print Keepsake Kit - With NO Mess Infant Safe Ink Pad - HeavenLee Memories
DIY Baby Hand Print Keepsake Kit - With NO Mess Infant Safe Ink Pad - HeavenLee Memories
DIY Baby Hand Print Keepsake Kit - With NO Mess Infant Safe Ink Pad - HeavenLee Memories
DIY Baby Hand Print Keepsake Kit - With NO Mess Infant Safe Ink Pad - HeavenLee Memories
DIY Baby Hand Print Keepsake Kit - With NO Mess Infant Safe Ink Pad - HeavenLee Memories

 Tiny Hands Poem:

There used to be so many, Of my fingerprints to see.
On furniture and walls and things, From sticky, grubby me.
But if you stop and think a while,You’ll see I’m growing fast.
Those little hand prints disappear, You can’t bring back what’s passed.
So here’s a small reminder, To keep, not wipe away.
Of tiny hands and how they looked, To make you smile someday.

COPYRIGHTED © HeavenLee Memories Pty Ltd



Source: OnePoll


Time goes by so quickly and our little ones grow so very fast ... So capture your little treasure/s foot print/s to keep as a memory forever. Don't leave it until it's too late and regret it later!


The 'Tiny Hands' Baby / Toddler Keepsake Hand Print comes as a Do It Yourself at Home kit. so that you can capture those lovely tootsies in your own time and in the comfort of your own home. No appointments needed for moulding's etc and like other keepsakes they won't be hidden away in a cupboard or on a book shelf ... and they don't cost $100's of dollars.


With beautiful photography and gorgeous, heartfelt baby foot print poem, these keepsakes are a fantastic way of capturing the memory of your little ones feet  and they look fabulous framed on any wall!


The 'Tiny Hands' Keepsake Kits are unique and timeless. As a gift they are perfect for Baby Showers, New Parents, Grandparents and of course Mother's Day and will be displayed and cherished forever, not grown out of like many other baby gifts. 


Easily fits at least two sets of toddler hand prints per poster!


If you are looking for a Hand Print keepsake instead, please see the 'Tiny Hands' Keepsake Kits.

The posters are printed on premium quality 250 gsm satin paper and is a standard 16 x 20 inch frame size. This standard size means it is cheap and easy to find a frame for. This size is easily found in bargain, variety, $2 stores!

In our busy lives we often put things off until 'another day' but it's easy to forget only to realise down the track that the time has passed and the moment is lost forever!


Included in price:

  • 16 x 20 inch 'Tiny Hands' print
  • Large NO Mess Ink Pad (Imprint size up to 12 x 7.5 cm) - select quantity during purchase. See Ink Pad Information Below
    • OR Baby Safe Paint & Paint Brush
  • Hand Printing Instructions/Guide
  • Postage within Australia


The photo of this poster displayed with hand prints; are the hands of a 3 year old.


'The gift that keeps on giving'  ***** 

Sandra - Western Australia, Australia


'Super quick postage, love it! Thank you'  *****

B - Victoria, Australia


'Such a beautiful and personal way to capture the memories of your babies forever. I would highly recommend these stunning prints. Such a magical way of displaying a special moment in time.'   ***** 

Kelly - Victoria, Australia


'OMG I looooooovvvee this poem - it bring tears to my eyes it is so beautiful'    ***** 

Carly - New South Wales, Australia



HeavenLee Memories is the only stockist of the Large No-Mess Ink Pads in Australia. 

There are other retailers that stock a small version of this Ink Pad, however we decided not to stock this size as we found it was only good for newborn feet and small pets. It also worked out to be frustrating and much more expensive for customers.

Ink pad imprint size is 12 cm x 7.5 cm. Please measure your little ones hands or feet prior to purchase to determine the number of Ink Pads you require for your desired result.

Inkless Touch Ink-Pads are mess free and non-toxic for Infants and Pets. Your child or pets never actually touch the ink which is on the opposite side of the pad! They can be a very detailed and clean print if used correctly and for this reason have become very popular for capturing hand, foot and paw prints for tattooing purposes.

Ink pads can be used a second time, however if going over the exact same spot on the Ink Pad; the second print is not always as dark as the first one (however is clearer). For a lighter, clearer print - you can place the ink pad (ink side down) on a piece of paper and gently rub a tissue all over the entire non ink side. This will transfer some of the ink onto the paper - then go ahead and print as normal.


You can see the used area on the pad after each print is taken, so for small prints - more than one spot can be used to make 2+ prints from each pad. 


*10% of all profits go to Non Profit Animal Welfare and Children's Charities*

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