Our Story and Goal

As a mother of 4 and for over a decade a Veterinary Nurse there have been numerous experiences and reasons that inspired these prints but I'm going to share the ones I think are most important.

As a Mum I did all the normal things, kept some hair from their first haircuts, their teeth and of course the good old 'keepsake books' where I made prints of their tiny hands and feet. My frustration as they grew so quickly was that most of these things are kept in a keepsake box, drawers or on a shelf somewhere and not looked at for years ...

I wanted something for all my babies that I could see every day, that would make me smile each day, something to never forget that those precious little hands, feet and paws were growing quickly. I wanted something to remind me to savour every moment, because one day in a flash everything changes and your beloved pet is gone and those tiny hands and feet are now as big as yours! 

As a Veterinary Nurse and an animal lover, unfortunately the time comes for all of us when eventually we have to say goodbye to our loved ones. Sometimes this time comes too quickly and very unexpectedly. There is not much in life more gut wrenching than holding the hand of a family member and/or the paw of a much-loved patient when this final goodbye comes. We cry too, we get attached to you and your fur baby as well and sometimes it is hard to know what to say. Most of the time we just wish we could do more to help you through this awful time.

I have witnessed more times than I can count the deep love and connection between an owner and their pet. It is special, irreplaceable and cannot be measured. What I did realise during my time in this industry is that in the end we are all just trying to hold onto as many memories as we can. Some of us keep their collars, their favourite toy or clipping of their hair etc. 

I had already been making hand and foot print posters for friends who had new human babies for many years; so, I knew I had to create these for pets. This way people could display their loved ones paw prints on their wall as a memory ... and even better it didn't have to wait until those last moments to capture. 


So after many years, lots of blood, sweat and tears and with unwavering encouragement and support from my wonderful husband Josh here are the prints, we hope you get as much joy out of them as we have!

10% of all profits from these prints go to Animal Welfare or Children's charities.

These prints are inspired by all the fur and feathered babies I have lost myself and watched others lose ... And of course by my beautiful children Jacob, Tenee, Noah and Billy.

Our family goal is to raise enough money from selling these prints, to allow us to start an animal shelter of our own. We have fostered many animals over the years but would love to be able to help so many more!

Let's remember the little things we love about them forever!